The Life of David E. Glover – Video

David Edmund Glover was born July 15, 1952 in St Louis, Mo. He was the last of three siblings born to Philmore David Glover and Rose Gordon Glover. David learned early how to get into the conversation, hold his own and come away sharper. The Glover dining room table, where every dinner was eaten unless it was Saturday, was a place for listening, sharing, learning, laughing and convincing. David quickly mastered all five and added charming.  It is fair  to say that the joy he helped create at his childhood table was carried to every table he joined, whether his own family gatherings, larger family and extended family events, time spent with friends, or the many community meetings where he listened, learned, shared, laughed, convinced, and charmed. As a child, David abhorred injustice and could often be heard railing against wrong. Not surprisingly, at his high school, Beaumont High in St Louis, during the height of the Black Power Movement, David became a student leader.  He carried that leadership straight into Howard University where he finished in 1974. When David moved to Oakland in 1976, joining his sister and brother-in law, Fred and Angela Blackwell, who had arrived three years earlier, he immediately connected with local causes and issues. His first job in Oakland was with the Bay Area Urban League. His facility with language, understanding of the issues, and strong passion and commitment to justice and community improvement caught the attention of Paul Cobb, then executive director of the Oakland Citizens Committee for Urban Renewal (OCCUR). Paul hired David in 1979 to work on one of OCCUR’s projects, Oakland Pride. David impressed everybody with his intellect, skill, and commitment. Needless to say, Paul recognized his value and kept him on. David later became executive director of OCCUR, and for over 25 years held that position with distinction, creativity, high energy, integrity and passion. He and Sondra Alexander, working as a team, represented the interests of Oakland residents with an unmatched dedication to fairness, inclusion and justice. The list of causes David championed, battles he fought (and often won), organizations and people he helped, boards he served on, recognitions and awards he received, careers he influenced, and lives he changed would fill many pages. David Glover loved Oakland, and Oakland loved David Glover. His impact, however, went well beyond Oakland. David’s views were sought after and were well respected by many of the nation’s leaders in business, government and politics.
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