Dr. E’leva Gibson Receives Principal of the Year Award

E’leva Gibson received the Principal of the Year Award from Mayor Ed Lee.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee recently presented Dr. E’leva Hughes Gibson with the Mayor’s Principal of the Year Award.
Established by former Mayor Gavin Newsom, the award recognizes outstanding principals in the San Francisco Unified School for their dedication, professionalism and excellence as leaders in their school and the city.
Parents, youth, educators, administrators, and other community members nominate principals for the award. This special recognition is a joint project of the mayor, the school district and United Administrators of San Francisco.
Gibson, a San Francisco native, joined the district in 2000 and is site administrator of Tule Elk Park Early Education School, one of 38 public child development centers.
Tule Elk Park is recognized for creating outdoor learning environments as an educational and recreational resource for the city’s children. This year, Gibson worked with her staff, parents and community members to raise over $50,000 to sustain the eco-literacy program.
“We were one of the first public schools in San Francisco to implement the eco-literacy program,” said Gibson.
The school is celebrating its 20th anniversary of having transformed the schoolyard into Tule Elk Park, formerly Yerba Buena Garden.
“We want children to have a global perspective, and the park lends itself to be a landscape where children can inquire, investigate and figure out ways to sustain the environment,” Gibson said.
The school worked with the Plant Café in San Francisco to use herbs from the school garden and promote early literacy.
“It’s not about me, but it is through collective efforts that we produce equitable opportunities and a quality education for children,” Gibson said. “I am just doing my part to serve others. It is an ancestral obligation.”

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