USF Tops List of Best Colleges for Minorities

USF was recognized by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education for its high graduation rate for minority students. Courtesy of USF news.

By MonicaVillavicencio,USF Communications

The University of San Francisco is the number one college for minority students, according to “Diverse: Issues in Higher Education.”
USF topped the online magazine’s May 27 list of 30 best non-Historically Black Colleges and Universities for minorities because of its diverse student body and high minority graduation rate.
“With a 40 percent minority population, the graduation rates for all demographics are impressive. The school graduates 74 percent of Hispanic students, 51 percent of Black students, 71 percent of Asian and Pacific Islander students, and 61 percent of White students.”
USF President Stephen A. Privett, S.J., says a number of factors help minority students succeed at USF, particularly the strong relationships they build with faculty, advisors at the Center for Academic and Student Achievement, and each other. “Because our student population is so diverse, they find a support system in each other. They can see success stories in each other,” he said.
U.S. News and World Report also recognizes USF as one of the country’s most diverse colleges, ranking its undergraduate population eighth in 2013. U.S. News also cited USF as one of the “top over performing schools” for graduating Pell grant recipients. The Pell grant program gives federal financial assistance to students whose families earn less than $20,000 per year.

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