DeVry offers college credits to HS Students

While most teenagers are going out and enjoying their summer, a group of juniors and seniors from high schools all over the bay area decided to make this summer count. DeVry University located in downtown Oakland City Center is offering three college courses for free to all high school juniors and seniors that meet the requirements.

The three classes are sponsored by a program called PASSPORT2COLLEGE. PASSPORT2COLLEGE offers free courses to current high school juniors and seniors. These students are getting a head start on their college careers and may earn college credits for the classes they take and pass with a C or better. Once these students decide to attend college they may be able to transfer these classes for college credit.

One of the goals of PASSPORT2COLLEGE is to get high school students excited about attending college, and to introduce them to college level courses. What better ways to get an inside look on the program than to hear from the professors and students themselves?

When asked about the program James Walker who currently attends Bishop O’Dowd HS said, “I’m enrolled in the computer programming course because I felt it will help prepare me not only for college, but possibly a future career. I’m enrolled in the computer programming course and I feel this class will give me the opportunity to see if computer programing could possibly lead to a future career.” The staff is very excited about the program as well.

“I love how the program integrates high school students into a college setting,” Melisa Del Torres, a Psychology professor. “Students are able to gain knowledge and experience to help jump start their career path towards success. I hope to see growth and improvement in my students this term, because they all have bright futures ahead of them.”

Classes began on July 10, but PASSPORT2COLLEGE is still accepting applications from students who are serious about college. If interested contact Beverly Lewis at DeVry University, Oakland location, 505 14th Street or call 510 267-1361.

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  2. We are offering another Passport2 College in September 2013 . Classes start Monday September 2, 2013 for more information please visit our website

    Benjamin Elias
    Center Dean
    Oakland City Center

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