“Sistah’s with Ink” Uses Written Word to Build Bridges

Sistah's with Ink Founder and CEO Luella Hill-Dudley holds a copy of

Sistah's with Ink Founder and CEO Luella Hill-Dudley holds a copy of "Sistah's with Ink Voices", an anthology of poetry and short stories from members of Sistah's with Ink. Photo by Ashley Chambers.


United by their words and experiences, Sistah’s with Ink (SWI) was founded last year to encourage women from around the world to share their gifts and chase their dreams.

< p>< p>Award-winning author, poet, and mentor Luella Hill-Dudley started the organization as a way to do online networking and this year published “Sistah’s With Ink Voices,” an anthology of poetry and short stories by members of the group.

The book’s contributors include poets, journalists, actresses and entrepreneurs who celebrate their beauty, love, motherhood, family and sisterhood.

One author writes a tribute to her parents who recent passed. A mother writes an open letter to her unborn child. A poet portrays the beauty of Africa. An editor writes a memoir of a young man caught in a “robbery gone bad.”

“I’m trying to motivate them to think outside the box,” said Hill-Dudley. As founder and CEO of SWI, she founded the group to “build a bridge of sisterhood” where women could support each other and feel comfortable to express themselves.

“We all have similar passions, and we understand the struggle of each artist, so we become the bridge to how we move forward to success in our journey,” she said.

Hill-Dudley sees the success of SWI as a platform that can expand to create communities of support for young people and men, through “Teens with Ink” and “Brotha’s with Ink.”

“Our thinking pattern has to change in order to recognize our talent,” she said. “Some of our kids don’t even know what it is to dream anymore, but they have so much to contribute to this world. I want to be able to keep Dr. Martin Luther King’s message alive.”

“When people reach back to help others, it’s like a domino effect of success.”

For more information, visit the Sistah’s with Ink Facebook page at http://on.fb.me/197YIFL.

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  1. Dreams always come true when you make it happen. God helps along the way to push you in the right direction.Always follow your dreams no matter what happens. If life gets in the away do not stop keep going. Your gift is for the world to here and read.


    it is amazing to have met such a beautiful personality, keep doing what you do, and the bridges will come to life as the gale force winds of voice….love you sis…

  3. Great vision, great legacy. Luella, you are a shero.

  4. Martin pound

    Sis I’m so proud, dreams are made to be faded, but only to be enhance by the light of God…

  5. June (Dita) Burgess


  6. Marquita

    I’m honored to have met sista Luella last year. She has been such an inspiration to me. I look forward to pressing on and moving forward with INK! Congratulations Sister on a job well done~BLESSINGS

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