$60 Million in Training Funds Available to California Business Owners

Funds for workforce training are now available from the Employment Training Panel (ETP). The funds originate through employer contributions into the Unemployment Insurance Fund, and are intended to address the training needs of private, for-profit employers.


“These are your tax dollars, being returned to you for use in your business,” said Renee Pierce, ETP marketing coordinator.

Owners create the curriculum, choose trainers and deliver the training in a way that best suits their workforces. Businesses with fewer than 100 full-time employees may earn up to $26 per training hour, per person.

“Business owners assess their training needs and determine what training they want to provide,” Pierce explained.

Trainees for small businesses can be reimbursed for as little as eight hours of training and up to 200 in some cases. Business owners commit to the training through in-kind contribution. For details, contact Pierce at renee.pierce@etp.ca.gov or at (916) 327-5258.

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