Community Development Organization Pushes Affordable Healthcare

Andre Hall

Andre Hall

Andre Hall founded Uplifting the Community Development Corporation (UTCDC) in Oakland in 2012 to address the physical, emotional, and emotional issues affecting populations living in minority communities.

From mental health and substance abuse assistance to HIV health and awareness, Hall has been doing such work in the community for past 20 years. He said he started the organization to provide information and resources to needy community members.

As UTCDC continues to grow, the organization will provide transitional housing services for women and children, substance abuse treatment, case management services, and legal advice.

But right now, the first project the organization is pushing is Covered California, the affordable health care system now being offered throughout the state to ensure everyone has some level of health coverage.

According to Hall, Europe has a universal healthcare system where medical care isn’t privilege but a right, something that is now being given to people in this country with the Affordable Care Act.

“Accessing ER for primary care is getting old. Individuals need insurance so they go to a primary care physician on a regular basis,” Hall said.

Currently, UTCDC is accepting applications for persons interested in becoming counselors and learning the necessary information needed to educate and enroll others in the program.

Hall says selected applicants will have to undergo a background check, fingerprinting, and must complete a training course but it is completely free. He says he just wants good candidates that can be accountable, network, and get people signed up.

“There are so many things that Black folks wouldn’t have to go through if we were on top of our healthcare,” Hall said

For information, visit or call Andre Hall at (510) 847-0838.

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