Warriors Introduce Kerr As Head Coach

The Golden State Warriors rolled the dice once before, in fact just three years ago former head coach Mark Jackson was introduced to succeed Don Nelson. Jackson took the Warriors to the playoffs twice and finished his last season with fifty-one wins, something that has not been accomplished since 1996.

Despite a team with potential to further themselves in the NBA playoffs, Golden State had other issues brewing amongst senior management that could no longer be ignored. With a unanimous decision the Warriors made an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Steve Kerr, the Executive, NBA Champion and All-Star shares one quality as Jackson, no head coaching experience. Many would’ve thought the Warriors would’ve gone with a more senior coach who can lead the team past the second round of the playoffs.

But it looks like the owners and senior management was looking for someone who obeyed their rules first. It was obvious that Jackson did not get along with his bosses yet he still did a remarkable job within the three years with Golden State. But that wasn’t enough, its time to get better especially with a starting point guard like Stephen Curry.

I’m not sure Kerr is the guy to do that. When asked if the Warriors were a NBA Championship team he replied, “They’re a very good team.” Honesty, is the best answer. However, he does understand what’s occurred prior to his arrival and the expectations that follow. Kerr addressed the media during his press conference this week.

He said he asked why Jackson was fired which is a good question to address because three years is short lived. Maybe Kerr can lead Golden State to the third round or the NBA Finals. In order to do that will consist of movement with the roster because as it stands the Warriors will barely make it through the first round if they bring back the same team.

But that’s General Manager’s Bob Myers job and if not done right he may find his job on the line. It’s going to be a group task in order to improve this team in the Western Conference. There’s certainly an opportunity to do it with the Lakers falling out of the picture and the game turning in favor of the younger guys on the rise.

There are a lot of teams in the NBA that will have to start over, swap coaches and trade for the best. You have an idea who will return to the playoffs and the Warriors are definitely a team that can be apart of that journey. In the meantime we all have to buy in to what Kerr presents and hope he can accomplish more than Jackson in making Golden State an NBA CHampionship team.

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