Kaplan Calls for End to Disparities in City Contracts

Rebecca Kaplan. Photo courtesy of Oakland Local.

Rebecca Kaplan. Photo courtesy of Oakland Local.

City Councilmember and mayoral candidate Rebecca Kaplan is calling upon the city to end disparities in awarding contracts to women- and minority-owned businesses in Oakland.

In an open letter to the mayor and city administrator, dated Tuesday, June 17, she wrote: “We must make sure that women-owned businesses and minority-owned businesses are treated with respect and fully included in Oakland projects and bids.

< p>“There has been a history, both in Oakland and throughout the nation, of disparity that includes the underrepresentation of women and minority owned businesses in public contracts.

Kaplan on Wednesday held her campaign kickoff party at Everett and Jones Barbecue on Wednesday. “I’m running because our city needs strong, stable leadership — for safe neighborhoods, for local jobs and for a fresh start for our city,” she said. “Oakland isn’t ungovernable, it’s just ungoverned.”




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  1. Kangaroo

    Kaplan needs to quit politics. Not only she has no morals and corrupted to the core. She and her buddy Quan stood with violent Occupy protestors and trashed the city.

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