OUSD School Year Begins With Shortage of Teachers and Textbooks

Photo of OUSD students from blog.berkeley.edu

Photo of OUSD students from blog.berkeley.edu

The Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) is scrambling to hire teachers and purchase new textbooks to ensure that every classroom has a teacher and books before school starts Monday, Aug. 25.

“Every year, it’s down to the wire to staff schools fully,” says Troy Flint, Communications Director for OUSD.

The district is looking to find teachers in the areas of foreign language, special education, math and science. However according to Flint, very few teachers have the credentials to teach those subjects.

Flint emphasizes that there is extreme competition with many surrounding districts for the services of those teachers. Without full staff, some students will temporarily have substitute teachers, he said.

“It’s an ongoing process for us,” says Flint, who did not provide numbers on how many teachers must still be hired.

Flint also did not give numbers on how many classrooms will not have textbooks.

Because of the adoption of the new Common Core, the district must spend about $12 million to replace all of its textbooks at one time, rather than staggering new purchases as is usually done.

“There going to be a few bumps along the way,” Flint said,

Some administrative staff had to be sent back to classrooms “to free up money for textbooks,” he said.

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  1. p-p

    Great your site, When i view your article and view your site have good.

  2. Chris Kwasiborski

    I love the article. The funny part is there short on teachers in those areas. When my wife who has a masters, can teach English and special ed can not get a license out here in California. They make you jump through hoops and just steal your money with every applied attempt. We moved here from Chicago a year ago where my wife was a teacher for Chicago public schools for 5-6 years. That should be a front page article!

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