Jesse Brooks, Health Reporter

Jesse Brooks was born in Los Angeles, and his family moved to Oakland in the late 60s. At an early age he had a love for writing and in 1970, while in the 6th grade, his work was read on The Phil Donahue Show (A famous national syndicated talk show). Brooks is a graduate of Oakland Technical High School and was a member of the National Guard in Fort Dix, New Jersey from 1981 to 1983. Through all of his accomplishments, he struggled with many internal battles including a drug addiction and acceptance of his sexuality. Now after overcoming a drug addition, coming to terms with his sexuality, and accepting that he is HIV positive, Jesse is using his voice to educate Oakland’s urban communities. Jesse serves a Health Reporter for the Post Newspaper. Email Jesse Brooks

Stories by Jesse

Rhonda White-Warner, 62

The death of Minister Rhonda White-Warner, a well-known community and spiritual leader who gave the opening prayer at BASE/BTAN World AIDS Day event, has sent [...]