Malaika Bobino

NFL: 04 Oct 2009: Rams_vs_49ers

Malaika Bobino was born and raised in Oakland, Calif. She attended Howard University in Washington, D.C., where she majored in Psychology and minored in Human Development. Bobino began her career as a reporter/sports editor with the Post Newspaper for the past 8 years ago. Malaika continues to build contacts and gain knowledge of the game while making strides towards fulfilling her goal of becoming the first woman appointed as owner of a professional sports team. She has covered the NBA, NFL, MLB in the Bay Area as well as USA Basketball. She has also gained exclusive access for the Post at the Super Bowl/Pro Bowl, NBA All-Star games, playoffs and World Series.

Stories by Malaika

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Santa Clara, CA – Its obvious the Forty-Niners defense has improved since the return of Aldon Smith. San Francisco has been demolishing quarterbacks as well [...]

Raiders Win, End Ten Game Skid

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49ers Stunned In Loss To Rams

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