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Recognition Ceremony Honors Latino Graduates at Holy Names University

Holy Names University hosted a Latino Recognition Night recently to honor graduating Latino Students and the community.   In addition to graduating students, the ceremony honored parents, grandparents and great grandparents who left their countries [...]
Francisco Ortiz

Latino Students Need Latino Classroom Teachers, Says Richmond Educator and Researcher

  Richmond teacher Francisco Ortiz, presented the findings of his graduate research at a session of the California Association of Bilingual Educators (CABE) in San Francisco, summarizing what his experiences show about the positive impact [...]
Judith Browne Dianis,

New Federal Report Finds U.S. Public Schools becoming Re-segregated by Race and Income

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a national report this week on racial and economic isolation in public schools.   Released on the 62nd anniversary of the landmark Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court [...]
La Misa Negra is a unique Oakland band which plays a mix of cumbia and Afro-Colombian dance music. Photo by Jaron Epstein.

“Sights and Sounds of East Oakland” Celebrates Art, Music and Resistance

Laney College recently hosted a celebration of the many cultures, kinds of music and people from across the world that make up the “Sights and Sounds of East Oakland.” &
Barbara Lee

Las Familias Primero – Agenda Demócrata Para Las Familias Trabajadoras Los salarios justos para las mujeres no es asunto solo para mujeres, es un asunto para toda toda la familia

Por Congresista Barbara Lee     Cuando las empresas deciden pagarle menos a las mujeres, las ponen en desventaja por el resto de su carrera profesional. La discriminación salarial es la causa de que muchas [...]