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Lynette McElhaney and Peggy Moore

Oakland Council Candidates’ Finance Statements Reveal Big Spenders, Large Campaign Debts

Campaign finance statements of Oakland City Council candidates were officially released last week, revealing large unpaid expenses in at least one campaign and heavy contributions by real estate developers and the police union in others.
Nevada Legislature Gets Damaging Las Vegas Oakland Raiders NFL Stadium Transit Report
(Source: SNTIC)

Nevada Legislature Gets Damaging Las Vegas Oakland Raiders NFL Stadium Road Cost Report - Nevada Department Of Transportation Reveals Additional $900 Million Cost For Stadium Road Upgrades

    The Nevada Assembly was just about to vote on the bill for the proposed Las Vegas Oakland Raiders NFL Stadium, and including a $750 million subsidy ostensibly for billionaire Sheldon Adelson, when it [...]

Did Oakland Councilmembers Violate Council Procedures to Pass Cannabis Proposal?

Councilmembers Dan Kalb and Abel Guillén may have violated City Council procedures last week when they tried to take a cannabis resolution that died in the Rules Committee, and then schedule the failed proposal for [...]
The Department of Transportation will be in charge of projects like the city’s bike lines.

Schaaf Hires $300,000 Part-time Consultant for Eight Months Will $600 million infrastructure bond be “piggy bank” for mayor’s pet projects?

Mayor Libby Schaaf has hired a consultant for $300,000 to work part time for eight months – waiving the competitive bidding process – to establish a new Department of Transportation for the City of Oakland. [...]