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Round Valley Regional Preserve

Keep an Eye Out for Ticks

By Ned MacKay   The welcome rains of March herald the start of a likely beautiful wildflower season in the regional parks and other open spaces. Unfortunately, the rains also signal the active season for [...]
Dozens of rural hospitals have closed since 2010. Members of one small south Georgia town share how the closure of their local hospital has negatively affected their community.Photo courtesy of USA Today.

Hospital Closures Rattle Small Towns

By Sarah Varney, Kaiser Health News   For years, Sybil Ammons was the director of nursing at Stewart County’s only hospital. Now, she’s the county coroner.   Since the hospital here closed three years ago, [...]
Photo by Russel Mondy/CC BY-NC 2.0

Senator Hancock Introduces Bills to Restrict Coal Exports Through Oakland

Citing health and environmental threats posed by increased coal shipments in and out of California, Senator Loni Hancock on Friday introduced four proposed laws to restrict exports of the pollution-inducing fuel source.
Decenas de líderes religiosos y activistas ambientales se manifestaron en frente del Ayuntamiento de Oakland, en oposición a la posibilidad de transportar a través de Oakland. Foto por Tulio Ospina.

Clergy Warn of Dangers of Coal While Some Church Leaders Say Coal Will Bring Jobs Here

Dozens of Bay Area faith leaders, including representatives of Baptist, Jewish, Roman Catholic and Episcopal communities, gathered at the steps of City Hall on Tuesday, rallying against the prospect of transporting millions of tons of [...]