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James Vann

Op-Ed:Oakland’s Decades of Failure to Halt Evictions and Tenant Displacement

By James Vann Part II   Oakland’s present catastrophic rental and affordable housing crisis, which monthly disrupts 1,000 long-established households through evictions, displacement, foreclosures, and destruction of neighborhoods, is not new. <
James E. Vann, Cofounder, Oakland Tenants Union

Op-Ed: 20 Steps City Council Can Take to Stop Displacement in Oakland Now

                            By James E Vann       Oakland’s present rental and affordable housing crisis — which is particularly catastrophic for renters [...]
Dante J. James

Opinion: Department of Race and Equity Will Work to End Inequities of “Power and Privilege”

By Dante J. James     The City of Oakland created the Department of Race and Equity in 2015, reflecting the city’s recognition and acknowledgment that racial disparities exist—they are systemic—and it is time to [...]