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Noel Gallo speaks at Thursday’s Rules Committee meeting
where a resolution to reaffirm Oakland’s position as a sanctuary city was pushed to the full City Council. Photo by Tulio Ospina.

Oakland, SF Vow to Remain Sanctuaries for Undocumented Residents

Cities across the country have announced defiantly that they will remain “sanctuary cities” for their undocumented residents, despite President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign promise to cut all federal funding to cities that do so. &nb

How Will Oaklanders Benefit From Multi-Billion Dollar Cannabis Industry?

The dispute over Oakland’s new cannabis regulations is fundamentally an argument over fairness.   Does equity require that the city’s cannabis business licenses be granted to the “pioneers” who came to Oakland to set up [...]
Gaye Cobb (left) and Assemblyman Rob Bonta

Assemblyman Bonta Calls on Congress to View Economic Recovery “with a Racial Equity Lens”

  Assemblymember Rob Bonta recently submitted a resolution to the State Assembly, asking “Congress to give policy makers the ability to view the economic recovery with a racial equity lens and ensure that our communities [...]

Urban Habitat Report Reveals Inequality and Resegregation in the Bay Area

Urban Habitat has released a new policy brief, “Race, Inequality, and the Resegregation of the Bay Area,” revealing the new geography of race and class segregation throughout the region.
Donald Trump At 21 Club NYC Signals Return To America's Elite After Election Win.  Zennie Abraham with Tanis Parenteau at 21 Club.

Donald Trump At 21 Club NYC Signals Return To America’s Elite After Election Win - Trump Ditches Press For Dinner At 21 Club NYC

What’s “21”? This is 21…. While the mainstream media obsesses over Donald Trump and the “Alt-Right”, as CNN is doing, they’re burying the lead: Trump used those fringe types to win the 2016 Presidential Election. [...]
Oakland Raiders NFL Stadium Proposal Update: Alameda County Board Of Supervisors Hold Key

Oakland Raiders NFL Stadium Proposal Update: Alameda County Board Of Supervisors Hold The Key November 29th Alameda County Board Of Supervisors Meeting Pivotal

The New Oakland Raiders NFL Stadium Proposal is taking shape, and with many of the issues that seemed to plague the process either completely resolved, or more likely to be by the time of the [...]

SF Jail Replacement Work Group Rejects Law Enforcement’s Proposals

Organizers for the No New SF Jail Coalition claimed a victory when a city work group responsible for exploring alternatives to a new jail in San Francisco rejected proposals from the sheriff and district attorney, [...]
Hundreds of Oakland high school students lead a march through downtown to protest Donald Trump and his ideologies. Photo by Tulio Ospina.

Hundreds of Oakland High Schoolers Walk Out of Class to Protest Trump

Nearly a thousand Oakland high school students walked out of class Monday morning in further protest of Donald Trump’s election and the ideologies on which he ran his campaign platform.