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OP-ED: Emergency Preparedness Organization – CARD – Needs Community Support

By Sue Piper   Ever since the 1991 firestorm, I have dedicated my volunteer activities to emergency preparedness. I am asking people to support of one important emergency preparedness organization–––Collaborating Agencies Responding to Disasters, better [...]

OP-ED: What Oakland Unified Can Do to Destigmatize Adolescent Pregnancy

  By Brittany Chambers, MPH, CHES   Despite the decline of adolescent pregnancy rates in Alameda County, it remains an issue among youth of color and those from disadvantaged communities.
Dr. Vickie Mays. Photo courtesy of UCLA BRITE Center

OP-ED: Sleep Deprivation for African Americans Linked to Racism, Study Shows

  By Yael Levin, UCLA BRITE Center   Studies show that racial and ethnic minorities in the United States often experience more sleep problems compared to whites, which poses a risk especially for individuals over [...]