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OP-ED: Kennedy Died, But the Haters Did Not Win

By Jesse Jackson Fifty years ago, on a cold day in Dallas, Nov. 22, 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated. To my mind, what is extraordinary about the Kennedy assassination is that the haters did not [...]
Linda Yellen

UC Berkeley Business School’s Janet Yellen Named to Lead Federal Reserve

By UC Berkeley Public Affairs Colleagues and friends at UC Berkeley are celebrating Haas School of Business professor Janet Yellen’s nomination by President Obama to become the first woman to head the nation’s Federal Reserve [...]

OP-ED: Isolate – Don’t Bomb – Syria

President Obama spoke to the nation Tuesday night on Syria hoping to stem opposition that is rising both at home and abroad. Polls show the broad majority of Americans oppose getting further involved in Syria.
Senator Boxer speaking at La Clinica in Oakland on Monday, August 5th. Photo taken by Redell Frazier

POST TV: Senator Boxer Talks Affordable Care Act, Voting Rights Amendments

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) made a visit to La Clínica de La Raza health center in Oakland this week advocating for the Affordable Care Act and educating the community on how this health reform will [...]

Official Notification of African American Farmers About $1.25 Billion Class Action Settlement Begins

(Washington, DC) – The Court-ordered process of officially notifying African American farmers and their  heirs  about  the $1.25  billion “Pigford  II”  class  action  settlement,  In  re  Black  Farmers Discrimination Litigation, is underway. Class  members  should  [...]