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La Misa Negra is a unique Oakland band which plays a mix of cumbia and Afro-Colombian dance music. Photo by Jaron Epstein.

“Sights and Sounds of East Oakland” Celebrates Art, Music and Resistance

Laney College recently hosted a celebration of the many cultures, kinds of music and people from across the world that make up the “Sights and Sounds of East Oakland.” &
Turf Feinz members Rayshawn "Looney" Thompson, Host and Turf Inc founder Johnny "Johnny5" Lopez, and Darrell "D-Real" Armstead pose at Lopez's 'Dead Silence' Halloween Dance Battle in South Berkeley. Photo by Spencer Whitney

Turf Battle Competition Coming Back to Berkeley in December

With the success of the “Dead Silence” Halloween turf dance battle, Turf Feinz member and founder of Turf Inc, Johnny “Johnny5” Lopez is already prepping for the next battle in December. “Whe