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Dakotah Jennifer

Author Dakotah Jennifer Inspired by Maya Angelou, Lemony Snicket among other authors

    At 15 years old, the young up-and-coming author Dakotah Jennifer has already written a number of books and continues to captivate readers through her stories.   Jennifer’s first book, entitled “I Want To [...]

Jesse Douglas Allen-Taylor Wins Oakland PEN “Gadfly” Award

The PEN Oakland writer’s organization announced this week that Oakland-native journalist, political-social columnist and novelist J. Douglas Allen-Taylor is the winner of the group’s Reginald Lockett Memorial Lifetime Achievement Award this year for Allen-Taylor’s “gadfly [...]
Author Nancy LaRonda Johnson

Bay Area Writer On the Rise

Nancy LaRonda is a Bay Area native and a fiction and poetry writer on the rise. The youngest of six kids, she turned to writing as a release and a form to get everything out. [...]