Joel Overall, 64, Painted the Globe with Jesus’ Brush

Joel Overall

The life of Joel Overall, whodied last week at 64, was celebrated by more than 1,000 in arousing “home-going” funeral service at Shiloh Christian Fellowship.
Affectionately known as the “Ministering Painter,” he was remembered by Pastor David Kiteley: “Joel always found time to preach the gospel of the scriptures to his clients, sometimes while still up high on a ladder painting their houses.”
His mother, Pastor Leora Overall, 91, associate pastor and matriarch of Shiloh, saluted her son with a tribute.  “He was an evangelist, who, if you would talk to him for 20 seconds, you would hear the name ‘Jesus’. He had so many friends.”
Elder Angelina Archie told of how Joel Overall, “while in the oncology hospital ward was converting people to Christianity.”

She said he was a man of faith who travelled to China, India, Mexico and Africa as a missionary-evangelist who won souls to Christianity. He was infectious for Jesus.”   She said his life was exemplary of the teachings of his grandparents Early and Ora Bland, who owned Bland’s Grocery at 5th and Pine and a farm in Madera.
He was born in Oakland Nov, 16, 1948, to Roy Romeo Overall and Leora Mae Bland Overall.
He received a degree in Theology from Shiloh Bible College. He leaves his wife Denise Ora Overall, and children; Ayanna Lee Overall, Jonathan David Overall and Rachell Marie Overall; siblings Angelina Archie, Roy Overall, Jr., Shirley Davis, Timothy and Michael Overall.