Deborah Acosta Named San Leandro’s Municipal Chief Innovation Officer

Deborah Acosta

The City of San Leandro has hired Deborah Acosta as the city’s first Chief Innovation Officer, who will be responsible for technology-based economic development and manage Lit San Leandro, a growing state-of-the-art digital backbone loop of fiber optics that allows service providers to deliver an ultra-high-speed, Internet communications network.
Lit San Leandro is a public/private partnership with Dr. Patrick Kennedy, CEO and Founder of OSIsoft, an international enterprise software company based in San Leandro.
“This city has the infrastructure to become a premier Bay Area technology city, and Deborah has the capacity to ‘connect the dots’ among stakeholders, Lit San Leandro, development projects and Bay Area technology businesses; and to work with us to establish San Leandro as a great place for innovative technology entrepreneurs and companies to thrive,” said Kennedy.
“Creation of Lit San Leandro as a public/private partnership is an incredibly innovative solution to the challenges of urban redevelopment,” said Acosta.  “I am thrilled to be joining a team that combines the best of East Bay resources and leadership for the opportunity to grow an innovative, technology-focused business community and create sustainable jobs.”
“Ms. Acosta’s joining our city marks a significant step forward in transforming San Leandro into a center for innovation in the Bay Area,” said Mayor Stephen Cassidy.
“Deborah’s unique skills provide an outstanding opportunity to fulfill the goals of Lit San Leandro: attraction of new companies that need access to ultra fast Internet speed and help grow existing businesses,” added San Leandro City Manager Chris Zapata.
As the city’s Chief Innovation Officer, Acosta will build collaborations between business, government, community and education stakeholders,
Acosta is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley, with 12 years as a banking professional in San Francisco, 12 years as a City of Oakland Economic Development Coordinator focused in International Trade and the Innovative Technology sectors, and almost two years as an entrepreneur and business development consultant.