El Cerrito High Students Present “Te’s Harmony,” Spoken Word Theater

Kingpins Santiago and Godfrey, played by George Mitchell and Deandre Evans, shake hands in this flash-back memory to the times before they become arch-enemies.
Te’s cousin Ben, played by Serafin Macias, pokes fun at him for writing poetry and being a “sucka for love”.

“Te’s Harmony,” a spoken word theater piece written and performed by El Cerrito High School students known as RAW Talent, will be performed 6 p.m., Saturday Feb. 9 at the El Cerrito High School Theater,
The students will present their modern-day rendition of “Romeo and Juliet” for the stage, reworking the Shakespearean masterpiece into an allegory for the socio-economic conditions haunting their city and their daily lives.
It is a classic tale of star-crossed lovers, when Te from North Richmond falls for Harmony from Central, and they must fight for love in the midst of a war that has devastated their community for too long.
This is the first play written by students and staff, described as a heart-breaking and at times humorous reflection of daily life in Richmond.
“Te’s Harmony” pushes the boundaries of artistic genres, and is designed to push the audience to question the culture of violence in Richmond, to re-imagine the city through the lens of love.
“Te’s Harmony” is a mash-up of theater, poetry, dance, music and film, remixing Shakespearean verse with spoken word and Richmond vernacular. The script pays homage to the literary canon while honoring and centering the language of Richmond youth.
Raw Talent is part of the creative arts department of the Making Waves Education Program, and directed by Rooben Morgan.
Tickets can be purchased at http://tesharmony.eventbrite.com/
For more information go to www.making-waves.org/_events/RawTalentWebsite/Raw_Talent_Website/Home.html