Black History Films at South Berkeley Senior Center

“Negroes with Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power” (2003)

The South Berkeley Senior Center is celebrating Black History Month by showing documentaries Tuesdays in February at 10:30 a.m.
Films include  “The Drilling Fields” (1994) on Feb. 12. The film looks at the relationship between Shell Petroleum Development Company and the Nigerian government as it impacts the lives of the Ogoni people–Nigerians who have quietly endured military oppression, inspired by local community battles over the oil, and who have watched the devastating effect of the oil operations on their environment.
“Negroes with Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power” (2003) will be shown on Feb. 19.
When civil rights crusader Rob Williams urged African Americans to draw their guns on violent racists, he became the most feared man in America.
Challenging the Klan-dominated establishment and mainstream civil rights leaders, he struggled to earn respect, dignity and equality for all Americans.
“At the River I Stand” (1993) will be shown on Feb. 26. Memphis in Spring 1968 marked the dramatic climax of the Civil Rights movement. The film skillfully reconstructs the two eventful months that transformed a strike by Memphis sanitation worker into a national conflagration, and disentangles the complex historical forces that came together with the tragedy of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
The South Berkeley Senior Center is located at 2939 Ellis St. (corner of Ashby and Ellis Streets) in Berkeley. For information call (510) 981-5170.