Tap Dance Celebrates 14 Years in the Bay Area and Offers Workshops


Celebrating 14 years in the Bay Area, Rhythm Tap Hall of Fame is offering traditional tap dance classes starting in February.
The nonprofit organization promotes the lost art form, providing educational programs for youth, adults, and seniors teaching the history of tap dancing through audiovisual and tap instruction.
The Hall of Fame has offered after school programs including various dance art forms, instructors’ workshops, and a performing arts newsletter. Master tap dancer “Skip Cunningham” has worked as a Tap Dance Instructor in workshops with the organization.
The group has also awarded renowned dancers with Hall of Fame Induction Awards. Winners include Fayard Nicholas of the Nicholas Brothers tap-dance duo, who received the Legendary Artist Award (2001); Skip Cunningham, who received the Master Tapper Award (2001); David Kennedy, Jr., winner of the Humanitarian Award (2001); as well as Gregory Hines and Sammy Davis, Jr.
The organization has a collection of books, periodicals, audiovisuals, and tap dance shoes that were donated to the Hall of Fame.
Register for Rhythm Tap Dance classes at14895 E. 14th St., Suite 320 in San Leandro. For more information, call (510) 531-1654 or visit www.rhythmtaphalloffame.org.