Memorable Accomplishments of C’Aubrey O. Peoples, 56 Years at Fouche’s Hudson Funeral Home

C’Aubrey O. Peoples, General Manager of Fouche’s Hudson Funeral Home.

Corporate officers and staff of Fouche’s Hudson Funeral Home in Oakland  are honoring  C’Aubrey O. Peoples.
Peoples’ career spanned 56 years with Fouche’s Hudson, from apprentice embalmer to general manager. The demands and changes in the funeral industry over these decades made him exceedingly resilient.
His ability to manage the company and maintain a cohesive staff was masterful, according to those who worked with him.
Peoples’ management style was to lead by example with integrity as a core component, according to the staff. Under his leadership, Fouche’s compliance history was reflective of his ability to effectively manage staff by demanding ethical practice and compliance with California State Funeral Law.
Well respected by staff, he was knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of funeral practice.
Peoples was a budget analyst, decision maker, problem solver and supporter of community endeavors. He was highly dedicated to serve families and staff needs and held in high esteem by local clergy.
Those who knew and worked with him knew his longevity and loyalty to Fouche’s Hudson Funeral Home and the funeral profession were commendable and unequivocal accomplishments. His honesty and integrity was unquestionable.
Working for Fouche’s for 56  of the 90 years it has been in business, Peoples had  embalming skills that set the company apart from all others. His warmth and compassion endeared him to families.
Fouche’s motto, “Our history and distinguished reputation is our legacy,” was achieved through his many years of service.
C’Aubrey O. Peoples’ love for the funeral profession had not diminished during his career. The staff at Fouche’s recognize his loyalty and outstanding management.
“He is worthy of the respect and honor we give him,” according to the staff.