Jim Hines Selected for OAL Hall of Fame

Jim Hines (right), a McClymonds High graduate, was the first man in history to break the 10-second barrier in the 100-meter sprint during the 1968 Olympics in Mexico. School Board member Christopher Dobbins, co-founder of the OALHOF, said Hines was a “unanimous selection for his achievements on and off the track. He and 12 other high achievers will be inducted March 16, at 6 p.m., in the Courtside Club in the Oracle Arena. Hines said he hopes his Olympics gold medal will inspire youth to become academic and athletic high achievers.

The following are corrections to “The Roots of Toni Beckham’s Success” in the Feb. 13 Post.
The article by Lee Hildebrand inaccurately said “PR, et Cetera is now one of the most successful African-American-owned publicity companies in the United States.” Rather, it should read “In 2011, The Atlanta Post—a New York-based national news site targeting African-American business news and politics—listed Beckham among its selection of 10 of the nation’s top African American Public Relations agents.”
Also, the article inaccurately said “the University of Indiana,” when it should have said “at an Indiana University.”

The inaugural class of honorees includes: Don Budge, Curt Flood, Rickey Henderson, Zoe Ann Olson, Jackie Jensen, Joe Morgan, Bill Russell, Gary Payton, Frank Robinson, Lola Smith and George Powles. The induction event will held 6 p.m., March 16, at the Courtside Club in the Oracle Arena.