Oakland’s Margo Hall Plays a Woman Who Got “Played”

Margo Hall

By Sandra

Currently running at The San Francisco Playhouse through March 16 is the aggressive and arresting Broadway hit, “The MF with The Hat” from playwright Stephen Adly Guirgis (Jesus Hopped the “A” Train).
“The Hat” is bold, edgy, powerful and callous with a cast up to the task of parlaying the pathos of two couples and a cousin, walking the tightrope of sobriety and seduction at the same time lobbing biting obscenities and curdling insults with rapid fire release.
Oakland’s Margo Hall plays Victoria, the seething wife of Ralph (Carl Lumbly), angered by his infidelity and her inability to spurn his knowingly dangerous charm and his slick and sexy ways.
Hall described Victoria as a woman, “who at one point in her life was on top of the world. She was a junior trader on Wall Street making $100K a year, she dated an art dealer, but she had a substance abuse problem. She was attending Alcoholics Anonymous trying to work it all out when she heard Ralph at a meeting and was taken in by his charisma and all the things that he’s very good at as a manipulator. She left her life behind and went to Ralph, now feeling stuck in this relationship because there’s a fear that if she leaves him she may go back to using; he holds that power over her.”
Hall said she knows women who felt trapped in abusive relationships, and, because of their feelings of no self worth, they didn’t feel they had a way out.
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