Promised Youth Job Funds Fail to Materialize

Henry Rosales

At the last meeting of the Oakland Workforce Investment Board, Executive Director John Bailey pledged to resolve snafus that have held up the cash advances for the past eight months to nonprofit agencies that serve some Oakland youth who are most in need.
Bailey made the promise on Feb. 7, but at least some agencies say they have not received the money by Thursday, Feb.21 as promised.
“We were told we would get the money by Thursday, but we have not,” said Henry Rosales, director of the Spanish Speaking Citizens’ Foundation, whose WIB-funded program  provides job training for students and out of school youth.
“As of Monday, we will have to suspend the program until we receive funding,” Rosales said.
“It puts an organization that is doing good work but doesn’t have a huge reservoir of money at a disadvantage.  They require us to front the money and wait for reimbursement. Small nonprofits cannot wait very long,” said Peter Roos, president of the board of the Citizens’ Foundation.
At press time, Bailey had not responded to the Post’s  questions.