Free Conference to Increase Bay Area African American Medical Students


By Stalfana Bello

A daylong, free  “Doctors on Board Program” conference will be held Saturday, March 9, at the Oakland Marriott Hotel, hosted by Physicians Medical Forum (PMF) to increase the numbers of African Americans in the Bay Area who become doctors.
Outreaching to Black students, the organization has planned mock medical clinics, primary care and other specialties sessions as well as a a knot tying and mock suture clinic for surgeons, information on clinical research and mentoring interviews that matches students with physicians.
The Physicians Medical Forum is also working to to improve the delivery of culturally competent medical care to  meet healthcare needs of the underserved, as well as the community at-large.
“As the Affordable Care Act is being implemented in stages, the Doctors on Board Program seeks to enhance cultural diversity within the medical profession and increase the pipeline of Black students going to medical school,” said Dr. Albert L. Brooks, PMF president and Chief of Medical Services at Washington Hospital in Fremont, California.
The Physicians Medical Forum is an Oakland nonprofit the works to encourage recruiting and retaining of African American physicians to eliminate health disparities; improve access to care; and maintain diversity within the profession, thereby improving the quality of life for people of color.
According to a December 2012 data released by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), 5,489 African American students enrolled in U.S. medical schools in 2008.  Four years later in 2012, 1,163 graduated.
Fewer than 20 percent completed medical school.
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