No Response from Tagami on Army Base Evictions

Phil Tagami

By Post Staff

Oakland developer Phil Tagami failed to take the opportunity to respond to charges against him in a recent Oakland Post news article.
Last week in a story entitled “Tagami Conflict Of Interest Charged In Army Base Evictions,” the Post reported that Oakland Maritime Support Services head Bill Aboudi said that it was improper for Tagami’s California Capital Investment Group (CCIG) to serve both as the master developer for the Army Base development and the city-recognized agent for evicting businesses from the base property.
Aboudi said that if he loses his trucking support business because of the timing of his scheduled eviction from the base, Tagami could take over management of a 15-acre portion of the army base development from Aboudi.
A Post reporter contacted Tagami’s office by telephone for comment prior to the publication of the original article. In response, CCIG Executive Coordinator Laura Nasca asked that the Post “submit your questions via email, and I will forward to Phil for comment.”
Submitting written questions in advance of an interview and having the responses come back in writing is rare in the news business, so the Post reporter declined Nasca’s suggestion. Because it was too late by then to interview Tagami, the Post reporter informed Nasca that Tagami would be given the chance to be interviewed for a response once the article was published.
The Post emailed Nasca this week to set up the Tagami interview to respond to the original article, but received no reply.