Arms linked, Biden and Lewis March for Voting Rights

Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., lead a group across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala., Sunday, March 3, 2013. Photo: AP

Vice President Joe Biden marched Sunday, March 3 with Congressman John Lewis and other Black civil rights leaders in Selma, Alabama to commemorate the “Bloody Sunday” beating of voting rights marchers 48 years ago.
State police assaulted the original marchers in 1965 over the protest urging Congress to pass the 1965 Voting Rights Act that struck down rules that barred African Americans from voting, and ended white majority rule in the US South.
The vice president said his consciousness was shaped by television footage of the beatings by state troopers.
“We saw in stark relief the rank hatred, discrimination and violence that still existed in large parts of the nation,” Biden said at the event highlighting the area’s importance during the US civil rights era.