Senate Republican Leader Calls for


Senator Huff visited Post/El Mundo offices to discuss issues affecting minorities

Bob Huff

State Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff this week  visited the Oakland Post Newspaper to open a dialogue regarding educational opportunities for all Californians.
Huff is backing an education reform package that he says is designed to promote equal and quality access to public education while giving parents and school districts a stronger voice in improving low performing schools.
“The greatest gift we can give our children is a fair opportunity to receive a world-class education,” said Huff. “These common sense reforms are about providing children with opportunities, not politics.”
SB 451 will expand public school choice to all K-12 students regardless of their background, or zip code, according to Huff. SB 452 would augment current law, the Parent Empowerment Act, inspired by President Obama’s Race to the Top initiative to allow parents to demand change to a public school if it is routinely low performing.
“I firmly believe if a child can get to a place where they can receive a better education, they should be able to go there,” added Huff.
“No one understands better how much a quality education can impact a life more than my staff and that’s why they came along. We had such a productive meeting with the Post. This is the beginning of a much needed dialogue.”
Huff was accompanied during his visit to the Post by his communications director Hector Barajas and communications staffer Micah Grant. Barajas is a native of East Los Angeles and was bussed to a high school outside of his district.
Grant, a native of South Los Angeles, attended a high school with a magnet program outside of his zip code as well.
For more information on Senator Huff’s Education Reform package, contact Christopher Finarelli at (916) 651-4029.