Nubian Academy for Girls Set to Open

Nubian Academy students participate in a science lab. Left to right are: Cierra Suarez, Empress Shalom, Meisha Butcher. The girl in back is Imari Fernandez.

The Nubian Academy for Girls, which is opening on April 6, will host a Saturday school every weekend until the summer.
The Saturday school will serve up to 50 girls from sixth through eleventh grades and will be hosted by several community centers, churches, public schools and colleges. Activities will include homework help, cultural celebrations, field trips, guest speakers, cooking classes and health education.
The academy will hold summer school for sixth through eleventh-grade girls from July 5-Aug. 20. A charter school will start in the fall.
The academy will be based on high quality teaching that ensures competency and mastery in reading, writing and mathematics.  The main focus will be STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering and math.
Students will also develop the social, behavioral, and organization skills necessary for future school success, as well as foreign languages, performing arts, visual arts and history.
The Nubian Academy will be the first all-girl educational institution in Northern California. Traditional teacher training has focused on teaching strategies that reflect boys’ interests and behaviors, without an understanding of the ways in which boys and girls develop and learn differently, according to the school’s founders.
For information call (510) 355-2664.