Rebel Crab Feast Set for March 30

Ten and under (4th/5th graders) San Francisco Rebels basketball team. From right to left: Emani Morris, Amari WIlliams, Noah Lee, Coach Chuck, Vontrae WIlliams, Chris Grant, KJ Sullivan, Lee Hubbard III, Coach Jerry Showers, Barry Gillton Jr., Lamar Bullock and Will Delaney.

By Lee

The Ernest Ingold Boys and Girls Club at 1950 Page St. in San Francisco is holding its annual crab feast, Saturday, March 30 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Proceeds will support the San Francisco Rebels basketball program, which has been in existence for the past 21 years.  The program operates boys’ and girls’ teams for 100 young people, ages 9 through high school.
The teams play in tournaments and games all over the state, some as far away as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Reno and Orlando, Florida.
“The crab feast is our big fundraiser,” said Nate Ford, director and founder of the Rebels program.
Some   players to come through the Rebels include Stephen Domingo (Georgetown University), John Fox (UC Riverside), Taylor Johns (UC Riverside) Deend Parker (USF) and Ki Ki Moore (Fresno State).
Other past rebels were Jasmine Smith, (St. Mary’s), Jason Hill (New York Jets) and Jene Morris (Tulsa Shock).
Tickets cost $35 for all you can eat.  For more information go to, or call (415) 445-5487.