Protesters Demand Leslie Knight Be Removed


By Post Staff

Union protesters joined whistleblower Stacie Plummer at a City Council meeting this week to demand the firing of Human Resources Director Leslie Knight after an investigation funded by the city found she had violated several city policies.
Holding signs that read “Hold power accountable” and “Richmond needs accountability,” protesters at Tuesday’s meeting called for the removal of Knight and City Manager Bill Lindsay because he has not fired her.
The investigation concluded that Knight had “improperly received $400 monthly in car allowance while also using a city vehicle, used paid city staff to make trinkets and ordered a subordinate to access Plummer’s emails after Plummer lodged a complaint against her,” according to the Contra Costa Times.
Plummer, the city’s finance manager for the library and cultural services department, said Knight had asked her to design logos and postcards for Knight’s jewelry and gift business, which Plummer refused.
Speaking at Tuesday’s council meeting, Plummer alleged that Knight “bullied” her, moving her to different positions throughout the city.
Although the investigation concluded that Knight did not profit from the trinket making, Plummer and supporting protesters have insisted that City Manager Lindsay fire her.
However, Lindsay has said, “The problems did not merit termination of any employee.”
In a statement released following the complete investigative report, Knight admitted to making mistakes. She was unavailable for comment at press time.

Left to right: Kathleen Sullivan, President BWOPA; Stacie Plummer, Whistleblower; and Pam Bilbo, President Men and Women of Valor. Photo by Joe L. Fisher, Black American Political Action Committee