City Appoints New Department Heads

Pollart Debbie

San Leandro City Manager Chris Zapata has announced the promotion of staff members to lead the Community Development  and Public Works departments.
Cynthia Battenberg, who has worked on the billion-dollar Kaiser Medical Center project and the ultrafast fiber optic project, Lit San Leandro, has been appointed Community Development Director.
Debbie Pollart has been selected to lead the Public Works Department after stints in planning and managing San Leandro’s Marina and Shoreline areas.
Their selection follows the hiring of David Baum to head the Finance Department, LaTanya Bellow in Human Resources, Theresa Mallon as Library Director, and Deborah Acosta as the East Bay’s and San Leandro’s first Chief Innovation Officer.
In addition, Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli and Assistant City Manager Lianne Marshall committed to five-year contracts.

Cynthia Battenberg

“San Leandro has had a great deal of success landing major investment like the Kaiser hospital project and spent significant time planning for a once-in-a-generation opportunity at our Shoreline,” said Zapata.
“Cynthia and Debbie represent a commitment to community development and customer service as well as continuity. Their professionalism and service has been an asset to our residents.”
As the Public Works Director, Pollart will oversee a budget of $23 million, which includes the Water Pollution Control Plant that processes 5 million gallons of wastewater each day, 50 city facilities, 180 miles of streets, 200 vehicles/pieces of equipment, 315 acres of restored marsh habitat, 17 parks and 3 pools.
Battenberg will head the Community Development Department, which facilitates business development, housing services, planning services and building and safety services.
For more information, call Chris Zapata at (510) 577-3390.