Feeding the Artist Within

See the Artist Withn“Feeding the Artist Within” series in collaboration with J.Posh Design Studio is back! The series opening Friday, April 5, 2013, is a call for all creative persons who have blocked their creativity because it wasn’t profitable. It is also for the folks that use to be into theater, write or sing but grew up and use their gifts less and less. This series is for the people looking for an outlet to express their divine creative gifts. It is also for folks looking to be inspired and surrounded by artists alike. Join us and others as we feed the artist within!”

A series dedicated to the nourishment of the soul and authentic self that longs to be inspired and expressed,” says Aries Jordan, Poet, Author and Co-creator. “When we tell the truth of who we are, dare to remove the shame and guilt from our stories, then are we able to recognize that we deserve prosperity and abundance. NOW that is Feeding the Artist Within.”

The series was birthed last year during Artist Fusion Friday, a first Friday monthly informational, community-building network, showcase and collective art gallery where talented artists fuse, share their work, and ideas with other art lovers.
“You cannot get to prosperity until you tell the truth,” said Janina Roberts, Owner and Interior Decorator of J. Posh Design Studio. “You can’t be happy until you tell your truth. That is how we become fully comfortable with ourselves. “The Three part Series: “A Night of Truth,” “Art of Storytelling,” & “An Evening of Prosperity & Poetry” means simply this, first “The Art of Truth” heals, next “The Art of Story Telling” is about purging, then you can get to “Prosperity” and “Poetry;” only after Truth the Story becomes Prosperous.”

The first series “A Night of Truth” event includes
• an OPEN MIC sign up
• Art by RTYSTK available for purchase
• Raffles
• Attendees will have a chance to buy tickets to the Bay Area Black Comedy Competition Festival –May 15th-May 19th

Doors Open at 7:00pm
Program starts 7:30pm
Suggested $5 donation requested upon entry

The Series Additional Dates:
April 5: “A Night of Truth”
May 3 : “The Art of Storytelling”
June 7: “An Evening of Prosperity and Poetry”

J. Posh Design Studio is located at 3824 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609. It is open Mon – Sat from 11:00 PM to 7:00 PM and by appointment – Tel. 510.922.1447 Email: Visit our fan page www.facebook.com/artistfusion