Panel on Operation Ceasefire in Oakland


The Metropolitan-Greater Oakland (MGO) Democratic Club  is presenting a panel discussion on implanting national crime-fighting model Operation Ceasefire  in Oakland, Thursday, April 18 at 8 p.m. at Stern Hall, Temple Sinai, 2823 Webster St. in Oakland.
Speakers will include Rev. Dr. George C. L. Cummings, Imani Community Church; Deputy Chief Eric Breshears, the Oakland Police Department; and John Creighton, deputy district attorney.
This is one of a series on Perspectives on Crime in Oakland presented by MGO. Future programs will discuss: Can New York City’s Crime-Fighting Techniques Work in Oakland? Oakland Police Department and the Compliance Directorship: What Will the Compliance Director Do to OPD? Measure Y: Should It Be Renewed?
Last October, Oakland joined a number of other California cities, and dozens across the country, to implement Ceasefire, a program developed by Boston criminologist David Kennedy that was credited with reducing juvenile homicide significantly in that city.
“Violence is driven by peer pressure and group dynamics,” typically involving young men’s responses to perceived disrespect, Kennedy said. Offenses are committed by a small number of people, even in the most troubled neighborhoods.
But perpetrators do not like what’s going on any more than other residents do, according to Kennedy’s research. Operation Ceasefire proposes to reduce gang and group related homicides and non-fatal shootings in Oakland.
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