SF Black Healing and Health Summit

Javarre Wilson
Dr. Marcellina Ogbu

By Lee

The Sixth Annual Black Healing and Health Summit will take place Saturday, April 20 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at San Francisco State University’s Cesar Chavez Student Union.
The health summit will look at the issues that impact the Black community in San Francisco and the Bay Area, including HIV-AIDS, gun violence, high blood pressure, stress and mental health..
The theme of the event is “Alive, Aware and Taking Action,” said Javarre Wilson, director of programs of the Black Coalition on AIDS, the sponsor of the summit.
“This year our emphasis is going to be on policy and what policies will impact and help to improve the conditions of San Francisco’s Black community and all marginalized communities,” said Wilson.
Last year, over 250 people attended the summit, and Wilson says the group this year is expecting more people, due to significant health issues that impact the Black community.
There will also be panels on medical marijuana, environmental health and Obama Care, the Affordable Care Act.
“The health summit this year is very important for a number of reasons,” continued Wilson. “We are celebrating the 150-year anniversary of freedom from American enslavement. We want to look at where we have come from and what we have gone through, and in midst of this all, we are still here. We are taking action in trying to improve our health.”
The morning keynote speaker will be Dr. Marcellina Ogbu, Chief Operations Officer of the San Francisco Department of Public Health.
Roxanne Hanna-Ware of the Institute with Advanced Study and Black Culture  will be the lunchtime speaker.  She is a spoken word artist and an advocate for spreading awareness and informing people about the impact on HIV within the African American community.
Lunch will be provided at the summit, as well as health screenings and blood pressure testing.
To RSVP email [email protected] or call (415)615-9945 X115.