Maudelle Shirek, 101, Served Berkeley for 70 Years


Maudelle Shirek, Berkeley’s baritone voice for justice and equality, died April 11. She was 101.Her image above, which looms large over the City of Berkeley, is an adaptation of the mural dedicated in her honor by the citizens of Berkeley in their City Hall. Designed by artists Mildred Howard and Daniel Galvez, the mural shows Shirek  creating the New Light Senior Center, her AIDS advocacy, her leadership at the Cooperative Center Federal Credit Union, where she broke the color barrier. She is pictured with Post publishers Tom Berkley and Paul Cobb, Dr. Hazaiah Williams, Dr. Frank Pinkard, Father Bill O’Donnell, Jesse Anthony, Mayor Gus Newport, Harry Belafonte, Jesse Jackson, Nelson Mandela, Ron Dellums and Mary King, Barbara Lee and Gay Plair Cobb, her fellow church congregants. Photos by Conway Jones, Barbara Fluhrer and Majeedah Rahman.  A service will be held Tuesday, April 30, 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., at Old City Hall in Berkeley. Collage and graphic design by Adam L. Turner.