Street Academy Day on Ice

Some of the Oakland Emiliano Street Academy’s top students recently enjoyed a day at the Oakland Ice Center. The high school, which has educated generations of the city’s teenagers, will celebrate its 40th anniversary Thursday, May 30, .6 p.m. – 9 p.m. at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, Suite 290 at 388 9th St in Oakland. Tickets are $40. For information call the school at (510) 874-3630.

By Post Staff

Students at the Oakland Street Academy were awarded recently with a day  at the Oakland Ice Center in downtown Oakland.
Math teacher Jeremy Cavagnolo took 25 students to the ice rink.    In order to be invited, students were on one of these lists:  “CST (California Standards Test) Champions” or “Zapatistas.”  “CST Champs” are students who showed vast improvements or high scores on their tests while “Zapatistas” are those who earned many credits during the fall quarter by passing all of their core, elective, and afternoon classes.
The teachers and students took advantage of Street Academy’s proximity to downtown Oakland and the pleasant weather by walking to and from the Ice Center, stopping to eat before returning to school.
The following students were either “CST Champions” or “Zapatistas”:  Ariel Rodriquez, Robert Willis, Jessica Cruz, Htun Htet, Egypt Claxton, Michael Brown, Wilanona Perry, Derick Cade, Claudia Barrientos, Marcus Carson, Miguel Mendoza, Imani Cade, Ana Vela, Maritza Gonzalez, Ami Suarez, Jezuri Reyes, Elizama Ramirez, Jesse Merino, Aheizer Reyes, Oliver Feeney, Cha-tah Gould, Alyna Fang, Sakari Wilson, James Hall, Kwabena Lewis, Starr Jones, and Jessica Gina.
Street Academy commemorates its 40th anniversary as a unique, peaceful, happy high school with a celebration May 30 at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
To buy tickets go to
To help a young person enroll at the school for the fall semester, call  (510) 874-3631.