Oakland Rotary Sponsors Zoo Trip for 250 Kindergarteners

Linda Pitts, Transitiional Kindergarten teacher at Garfiled Elementary School, chaperones some of the 250 children who spent the day at the Oakland Zoo.

250 students from Oakland School’s 11 Transitional Kindergartens spent Friday, April 12 at the Oakland Zoo, sponsored by the Oakland Rotary Club.
Thirty-five Rotarians led the field trip, which focused on art and biology.
This year, Oakland Rotarians and other partners provided $22,000 for classroom learning tools and supplies,  $15,000 worth of books, $11,000 for field trips and $2,000 worth of toys.
Next month, Rotary will sponsor a trip to Children’s Fairyland focused on art and literacy. For more information go to http://tinyurl.com/bvu67rv.