Sheree Murphy is a Bay Area Champion for Change, Her Motto: Health is Wealth

Sheree and her daughter Nia Murphy.

Sheree Murphy was honored as a Champion for Change and role model for her family and community by the Network for a Healthy California (Network)-Bay Area Region African American Campaign.
Murphy knows “you are what you eat.” This is why she makes sure that she and her 10-year-old daughter Nia eat healthy every day. Even when money is tight, Sheree buys foods that are healthy and nutritious.
Murphy became involved with the Network after participating in a nutrition education program offered at her daughter’s preschool where she educated parents in her community about the best ways to eat
Healthy and be active. Murphy says, “Type 2 diabetes is prevalent on both my mother’s and father’s side of the family. I was classified as pre-diabetic and I didn’t want my daughter to have the same diagnosis in the future.
As a result of the small daily diet changes of healthy foods, she says, “I am no longer pre-diabetic.”
She also grows her own fruits and vegetables.
She and her daughter increase their exercise and physical activity by walking to the library, bike riding, swimming and skating. She has also started a Facebook group, which promotes a healthy lifestyle.
Murphy’s mother recently died after battling type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. As a result, She has intensified her commitment to breaking the cycle of obesity by creating a legacy of health for her family.
She says, “If there’s one thing I’d like other parents to learn from me, it’s that you have the power to make a commitment and take control” of your life.