Anthony Reese Graduates with MBA from DeVry


Business professional Anthony J. Reese recently graduated from the Keller School of Management of DeVry University receiving his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in accounting. For Reese, a real estate agent for the City of Oakland, striving for academic success holds a deeper meaning. Though he battled with dyslexia throughout high school and college, he was determined to not let that challenge stand in his way. He earned his bachelor degree in mass communications and was motivated to work his way up in the real estate industry. For almost 20 years, Reese has helped clients through his business Apex Real Estate Consulting Service. Delivering a commencement speech to fellow graduates and faculty at his graduation in February, he was compelled to share his story of struggling with a learning disability, proving that anything is possible with hard work, commitment, and a desire to be successful. “I set a goal,” he said. “I went back to school and 28 years after graduating from high school. I’m graduating with a [MBA], and I’m still that same special education student” “As graduation drew near, my friends starting asking me: ‘What are you going to do now?’ As I meditated on this question, I thought it would be a great theme for [this occasion.] – Now what? “Now that we’ve graduated, now that we’re prepared, now that we are masters of our given trade, I ask you, now what? Are we simply looking forward to our next promotion, or was our goal just to elevate ourselves, above others, as evidenced by the acronyms that will now follow our last names?” he asked his fellow graduates. Reese is proud he has earned his MBA and wants to set an example for young people. “I have to show the kids that there is more than one road that leads to what some perceive as success,” he said.