“The State of Health in America”

Left to right: Roy Wilson, Dr. Muntu Davis, Dr. Helene D. Gayle, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Dr. Roland L. Copeland. Photo by Laura Wong.

Dr. Helene Gayle and Congresswoman Barbara Lee spoke on the State of Health in America, the third lecture in this season’s Barbara Lee and Elihu Harris Lecture Series, held April 20 at Parks Chapel AME in Oakland.
Dr. Gayle is president and CEO of CARE International and has traveled around the world addressing the connections between health and poverty, with special emphasis on the role of women and girls taking leadership in the fight for the human right to health.
Both Dr. Gayle and Congresswoman Lee talked about the U.S.’s misplaced priorities on military spending, stating that as a nation, the country would do well to study health care systems and policies in nations where poverty and lack of access to healthcare have resulted in collective community-based solutions to pressing medical needs.
The lecture series is produced by the Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center in collaboration with Merritt College, and features civil rights and humanitarian leadership, with major sponsor Kaiser Permanente. For more information, contact the Freedom Center at (510) 434-3988.