Memorial to David Edmund Glover, 60, Husband, Father, Brother, Teacher


Top left to right: Angela Glover Blackwell, sister; Sister Marie de Porres-Taylor, OCCUR Chairperson; Drew Bailer Glover, son. Second row left to right: Arthur Morgan, Howard University classmate; view of sanctuary; Fred Blackwell Jr., nephew. Third row: Roger Glass, Howard University classmate; Marilyn Reynolds, soloist; Rev. Debra Avery, Senior Pastor. Fourth row: Robin Bailer Glover, wife; Trent Bailer Glover, son; Drew Bailer Glover, son; Dr. Fred Blackwell Sr., brother-in-law; Angela Glover-Blackwell, sister; Philmore Glover, brother; Rev. Ray Williams, Moderator, St. John Association and Senior Pastor Morning Star Baptist Church. Lower left: David Edmund Glover; Sondra Alexander, OCCUR Acting Director; Gay Plair Cobb, who read Psalms 139th Scripture; and Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Photos and collage by Adam L. Turner..

By Ashley Chambers The memorial service of husband, father, brother, leader, and activist David Glover filled the First Presbyterian Church in Oakland on Saturday, June 1. An overflow audience of more than 700 men and women impacted by David’s life and legacy came to remember him, which was the first time the church had its sanctuary filled beyond capacity. Many stood outside or left because when they were not able to get inside the church. Senior pastor Rev. Debra Avery offered remembrances of David. Family members, friends, and members of the community who worked closely with him gave glowing testimonies to Glover’s impact on the lives of all he touched. Their emotional and revering anecdotes brought light to the astounding life that David led – as a child at the Glover family dining room table, a student leader at Howard University and a leader the Oakland Citizens Committee for Urban Renewal (OCCUR) committed to advocating for the underserved. David’s oldest son Drew Bailer Glover shared some of his and his younger brother Trent’s most memorable moments with their fun-loving father. “My dad…he was a man who had a way with words, and he had a goofy side, he had a funny side, and he had so many sides that we all loved.” “What I’ll miss most about my dad is his genuine optimism; it’s because of him I can see a silver lining today,” Drew said. Phil Glover and Angela Blackwell also shared memories of their brother David. Angela, speaking of the things she learned from David, said, “He was indeed a teacher, and he taught not because he sat down and told you, he just taught with his life. One of the most important things was the power of laughter…David always found a way to be able to get you to laugh.” Other family and friends spoke of their memories of David, including his nephews Fred Blackwell and Phil Bailer, friend Arthur Morgan, and fellow Howard alumnus Roger Glass. Marilyn Reynolds, a member of the First Presbyterian Church sang, “May the Works that I have Done Speak for me.” Glass presented David’s wife Robin with a resolution to be entered into the minutes of Howard University’s next Board of Trustees meeting offering a “special expression of sincere condolence to Mrs. Robin Glover on the passing of her beloved husband alumnus Mr. David Glover, Class of 1974.” Included in the remembrances were Post publisher Paul Cobb, who hired David with OCCUR in 1979, and OCCUR Board Chair Sister Marie de Porres Taylor. Referencing an old gospel spiritual, Cobb said, “Little David, play on your harp; hallelu.” Congresswoman Barbara Lee spoke of David as a “giant of a man.” Placing David’s legacy into the U.S. historical record, she also presented his family with a proclamation, part of which read, “Today California’s 13th Congressional District salutes and honors a great friend of the Bay Area and a true champion for equity, Mr. David Glover.” Rev. Ray Williams, pastor of Morning Star Baptist Church in Oakland, delivered the eulogy. “David Glover took a sling and a stone and no sword and catapulted OCCUR into the premiere community organization advocating for the silent little people,” Williams said. Cobb said, “Rev. Ray Williams and I talked about how we are going to continue to provide support for OCCUR as a legacy to the historic contributions that David left, especially with faith-based outreach.” Members of the OCCUR Board told the Post that Glover’s organization, OCCUR, would welcome donations and support to continue its work in the community. To make a donation, visit or call 510-839-2440. Also comment on in support of OCCUR and your remembrances of David Glover.


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