Celebrating Student Achievement


By Kyra Worthy

The success of Richmond starts withouryouth,and part of investing in our city’s future means ensuring that Richmond’s young people are able to access the resources and support they need to thrive.
AtFor Richmond, we strive to offer opportunities and programs for students to take advantage of – while also simply recognizing those students who are on the right track.
This year, For Richmond was proud to join the West Contra Costa Unified School District to celebrate the annual African American honor roll parade. Held each year during the Juneteenth celebration, the parade spotlights the district’s African American students, 6th to 12th grade, who made the honor roll by earning a 3.0 GPA or higher, and gives them a chance to march in the Juneteenth parade.
Juneteenth is the day in which we celebrate African American freedom from slavery in the past and the hope and promise of African American achievement for the future.
On Juneteenth, they were celebrated in front of their families and community for doing the right thing. I want to congratulate WCCUSD Superintendent Dr. Bruce Harter for his leadership in promoting this parade, in which more than 300 students marched on Saturday with pride.
This event was these students’ moment to shine.
I’m proud to celebrate the success of our African American scholars here in Richmond and to recognize just how far we’ve come. These students represent our future.
Kyra Worthy is interim executive director of 4Richmond.