Zimmerman Juror B37’s Book Deal Cancelled


Just days after the controversial trial of George Zimmerman being found not guilty on all charges on Saturday, there has been much public outrage in response. There have been protests in major cities across the country, the NAACP calling for the Department of Justice to prosecute Zimmerman on civil rights charges, and even Stevie Wonder boycotting performing in Florida following the verdict.

In midst of this public outrage, Zimmerman trial Juror B37 appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper Monday evening to express support for Zimmerman and later announced that she had signed a book deal regarding the case. It wasn’t long before social media got a hold of the news and people on Twitter gained enough support to convince booking agent Sharlene Martin of Martin Literary Management to drop the book deal.

And it all started with a tweet. Well, a series of tweets from a Black woman who goes by the twitter handle @MoreandAgain.

First, she sought out the publishing company that signed the juror and spread the publisher’s information across Twitter. She tweeted “Hey @sharlenemartin, please drop juror B37. Do not let the person who let a murderer get away profit from this tragedy.”

People began to call and email, telling Martin Literary Management to stop the book deal. @MoreandAgain then created a Change.org petition gaining over a thousand supporters calling for Sharlene Martin to drop Juror B37. In response to so many calls protesting the book, at 12:59 a.m. EST on Tuesday, the agent tweeted that she was rescinding her offer of representation “after careful consideration.” Here is her statement:

“After careful consideration regarding the proposed book project with Zimmerman Juror B37, I have decided to rescind my offer of representation in the exploration of a book based upon this case.”

Just hours after the Martin tweeted her decision to drop the book, Juror B37 released her own statement:

“I realize it was necessary for our jury to be sequestered in order to protest our verdict from unfair outside influence, but that isolation shielded me from the depth of pain that exists among the general public over every aspect of this case. The potential book was always intended to be a respectful observation of the trial from my and my husband’s perspectives solely and it was to be an observation that our ‘system’ of justice can get so complicated that it creates a conflict with our ‘spirit’ of justice.

Now that I am returned to my family and to society in general, I have realized that the best direction for me to go is away from writing any sort of book and return instead to my life as it was before I was called to sit on this jury.”

Celebrities and Trayvon Martin supporters alike voiced their support for @MoreandAgain taking the initiative including Hip Hop band The Roots drummer Ahmir Khalib ‘Questlove’ Thompson who tweeted “thank you @MoreAndAgain for leading the effort to get #JurorB37‘s book deal dropped.”



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